Trust The Process

Our experts use a thorough, multi-step verification method.


We only allow fresh items on our marketplace. Every product bought or sold must be brand new and never worn, ensuring you always receive genuine pristine quality.


Equally important as the product itself, our team ensures packaging meets the highest quality standards to deliver a brand new product.


From the full list of accessories to all the additional add-ons, rest assured that your purchase on Culture Circle will match any retail purchase experience.
authenticating bag at data center

Experience & Data

There's no substitute for experience. We've inspected over a thousand items on behalf of our customers.

Advanced Technology

We use advanced machine learning and embedded technologies to assess product risk and enhance our verification efforts continuously.

Quality Assurance

A final check in our verification process, our QA experts ensure the product meets our high standards for authenticity.

Committed to Quality

Over the years, our team has verified thousands of products.

We’ve compiled data from every verified product on Culture Circle to build a comprehensive database of elements that don’t meet our standards. This database is updated daily, keeping our team informed and up to date.

Fighting Counterfeits

Counterfeits are an undeniable issue in the secondary market for current culture goods. The quality and quantity of fake items, often produced in the same factories as authentic products, have increased.

At Culture Circle , we are dedicated to combating counterfeits and fraud on our platform. We are one of the few marketplaces that physically reviews 100% of the items that pass through our system.

Our efforts have led to rejecting tens of thousands of items valued at over a million dollars.

Culture Circle will continue to invest in people, processes, and technology to stay ahead of fraudsters, enhancing the purchase experience for our customers.


My tracking number is not updating?

In the event the tracking number on your prepaid shipping label indicates that the package has not left the drop-off location within 72 hours, you may need to reach out to the applicable courier to attempt to retrieve the package. If you are unable to retrieve the package from the courier, please feel free to reach out to the team to assist.

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Why was my order canceled/refunded?

While Culture Circle strongly discourages our sellers from canceling orders, there are some circumstances in which sellers are unable to complete orders. For sneaker orders, Culture Circle will make every effort to find a replacement in a timely manner, but if unsuccessful, your order will be canceled. Please note, sellers may be subject to repercussions if they cancel orders after they have been confirmed in order to discourage this behavior.

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My order was canceled. Can I still buy the item?

If your order is canceled, the item may still be available for purchase. Please note, the item may not be available at the same price as your canceled order.

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I placed an order, but didn't receive a confirmation email?

If you’re using the app, tap on the “Profile” icon, then “Orders” to make sure your order was processed.

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What payment options do you accept?

We accept several different payment methods for purchases made through Culture Circle. We accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa.You can also pay via EMIs and UPI.

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How much does shipping cost?

Culture Circle offers FREE shipping for all orders and bears the shipping cost itself.

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